Digitalisme: searching for balance in digital times.

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by Jarr Gerrligs:

Searching for balance in the digital era

Apart from concepting and copywriting I’m currently writing my third book, working title Digitalism: searching for balance in digital times. To research (and promote) the purpose of my book – to further critical thinking on the influence of digital technology on our lives and reaching a better balance – I am producing a podcastshow called Digitalisme.


Each episode is a conversation with an expert: professors, journalists, entrepreneurs etc. join me in discussing life and technology as they intersect in the beginning of the 21st century. 

Listen on Soundcloud, iTunesStitcher, or your favorite podcast client. (The conversations are in Dutch: a wonderful chance to brush up on your foreign languages!)

My role: concept, research & production
Digitalisme luuk van de ven

by Luuk van de Ven,

by Luuk van de Venby Luuk van de Ven


Digitalism: the book

A collection of personal essays, painstakingly researched by a member of the last generation to grow up without the internet. Scheduled for publication early 2017 by Nijgh & Van Ditmar publishers, it will hopefully be a personal and thought provoking lil’ thing.


Curious for my previous books? Here’s the site for my debut novel called Everything smells like chocolate. (Here’s how I got Anton Corbijn to make a photo available for the reprint) and here’s my second book, a Twitter diary called Atlas Butterflies.


Made with the help of producer, poet and musician Dennis Gaens (check out his podcast), art-director Jarr Geerligs, Lennart Kleinen of Studio Klevr, Luuk van de Ven, the staff at Morgan Avenue  – and, of course, all guests and listeners.