Cityhub: Not a hotel. Or a hostel.

Helping a hotel find their essence – and their voice.

Cityhub asked Festina.XXX to help them introduce their hotelconcept to Amsterdam. Together with strategist Simon van Ooldenbeek and art-director Merijn Verhagen, we focused on defining a strategy that gave Cityhub tons of mileage with our primary and secondary target groups.


We developed a strategy for how people travel these days. Generation Y especially reads up on the must-sees of their destination before they leave.

But online Top 10’s only get you so far. Especially when it comes to what’s happening “right here, right now”. So we developed a strategy helping travelers get in the know about authentic Amsterdam living as it happens during their stay. Realtime, immediate and personal. 


Apart from strategy, we produced a site, a movie, social content calendars and an amazing app. (Full credits for that nice little movie, click here)


My role: concept & copy + communication strategy

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CH keyvisualcityhub bar

CityHub_Hubscityhub badkamer
Cityhub_hubs_12cityhub slaapkamer


The Cityhub App: Right here, right now, indeed.

Cityhub is the first hotel in Amsterdam that offers an app with a direct line to the City Hosts, wherever you are. Thanks to a partnership with T-mobile, it’s usable anywhere in the city.

The app functions as a remote control for the lighting and alarm in your Hub.  Guests can ask Cityhosts for suggestions, tips or just the fastest way back to their Hub.

Guests can also use it to chat with other guests during their stay.


(And… to emphasize the realtime aspect of Cityhub travel, the app only works during your stay.)