T-Mobile: unlimited data, bellen, alles.


Through the line creative direction, concepting and copywriting.

Developed with a huge team at Anomaly Amsterdam: all creative comms work for T-Mobile Netherlands, starting with launching the first “unlimited” proposition in Holland.

Partly under guidance of ECD’s Martin Ginsborg and Lars Jørgensen, partly with fellow CD James Yeats Smith and with the help of our creatives (and freelance creatives Chris Krabbendam, Sharif Abdel Mawla and Michael Middelkoop and Thomas Rheinhold) I was responsible for quite a bit of work.

I’ve been defining the tone of voice, the TTL payoff, the informing brand manifesto, all OOH copy & radioscripts and developing various campaign concepts, activations (online and offline), a cultural calendar with dozens of relevant moments and messages, supervising various campaign flights and helping steer the production of a wide range of assets creatively.

Below are some examples.


The campaign launch film.


The world’s first live streamed TV commercials – on a 4G network.



Four of dozens of animations I co-developed for T-mobile, showing Holland that T-the client knew what was happening in Dutch culture.